As seen on ESPN Gameday!

When ESPN Gameday opened the 2022 college football season in Columbus, Ohio for the matchup between the Buckeyes and the Irish, they launched the show by talking about The Linebacker Lounge because nothing in Columbus, or the entire United States for that matter, could rival what takes place right here on South Bend Avenue across from Notre Dame.

“A garbage disposal for wobbly humans.”

When those words were uttered by Wright Thompson on ESPN’s College Football Gameday, it effectively became our equivalent of Grantland Rice’s “Outlined against a blue grey sky, the four horsemen rode again.”

Obviously, we had to make it into a t-shirt.

Keep the fun flowing!

Spending time in South Bend? Make sure you have a pocket full of Linebacker Lounge gift cards!

Created by a linebacker.

The history of our proud establishment could not be more perfect… we were literally founded by a Notre Dame linebacker. The flame lit by Mo Pottios in 1962 has now been passed to a couple of teammates from the Lou Holtz era. The tradition continues! LEARN MORE!